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Five Lead Nurturing Techniques to Net More Sales by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Sep 9, 2015 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

Let’s face it…your lead generation efforts may be going well, but not every qualified lead is ready to buy when you contact them. Did you know that 80% of sales are made on or after the 5th- 12th contact? It’s true. According to the National Sales Executive Association: 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact 80% of sales are made on or after the 5th-12th contact So, if 80% of sales are made on or after the 5th- 12th contact, how can you remain front-and-center without...

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Make this One Change and Watch your Sales Numbers Soar By Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Aug 25, 2015 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

Ask any professional business developer the type of work activity they like the least and the majority will likely mention “the admin work.” Admittedly, having been a sales rep/business developer for many years, we can agree that the admin work is the unpleasant, but necessary drudgery involved in any professional sales job.  It may be hard to ever eliminate it completely, but we should always be looking for ways to dramatically reduce it, and increase our time spent SELLING! So, what one change would yield the greatest impact to decrease the admin work, and increase the amount of time spent...

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Five Sales Lessons Learned from a Gold Panning Excursion by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Aug 11, 2015 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

Last month, my family and I took a trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to do some gold panning for my birthday… We actually registered for a three-hour, organized class on “Prospecting for Gold.” On the morning of the trip, my family and I got up early, and left the house by 7 AM to drive two hours to meet up with the prospecting instructor at a beautiful, crystal clear stream in the White Mountain National Forest. Spending the day in the river would be welcome relief from the heat, and we were excited to find gold! As the class began, the seven participants listened as the...

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The Truth about the “Big HR Show” by Aleshia Humphries

Posted on Jul 7, 2015 in Archive

Trade shows are challenging. I’ve done my share, including the one-person stints where you have to take on all the responsibilities by yourself, like working long shifts over three days at the “big HR show.” (You can substitute “big Training show” and the story will be the same.)  But, what’s even more challenging is when the show is over and you go back to your office with a nice big stack of “leads.” As a former Marketing Director for a large training company, I know.  I’ve been there, done that…sorted through the “hot”...

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The Secret to a Highly Effective Prospecting Effort By Pat Ryan

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 in Archive

It’s not news to say that everyone wants better results from their prospecting efforts.  But, HOW do we make it happen? Ask yourself: How will we meet our corporate sales goals this year? Are we talking to enough targeted prospects on a weekly or monthly basis? How can I increase results from my team’s prospecting efforts? Your sales reps are already working hard – making calls, writing proposals, and sending follow up emails to move leads through the sales pipeline.  But…do they have sufficient time for prospecting? I’m sure many of you have read the best-selling book, “The 7 Habits of...

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