Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Mentor Tech Group’s services.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with additional questions about our market intelligence services, or to request a quote.

1.   How much does your market intelligence cost?

The MTG list pricing is based on an investment-per-contact model.  The more contacts you buy, the lower the investment per contact.  Also, with a minimum purchase, free data updates are included at months four and eight.

2.  What kind of information is included in my Mentor Tech Group purchase?

The Mentor Tech Group market intelligence includes:

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Title
  • Telephone number
  • Job Responsibility (we call “Job Codes”)
  • Industry
  • Annual Sales Revenue
  • Number of Employees
  • Fiscal Year End
  • Physical mailing address (including metro area when applicable)
  • Email address
  • BONUS “comments” field for other contact details (when possible)

3.  What sets you apart from the competition?

  • We are highly specialized, offering Marketing Intelligence for decision maker contacts in the corporate training and HR industries.  We are not list brokers or list aggregators.  Our database is hand-built and maintained via personal conversations with each contact in our database.
  • We segment our database by “Job Codes”  – the person’s actual area of responsibility in the organization. This is much more useful to you than using a nebulous job title. A job code indicates the contact’s job responsibilities, helping list users better focus their sales efforts.
  • We provide FREE database updates at month-four and month-eight, providing you with the most up-to-date information.  (Note: Free updates are available with our Pilot Program purchase minimum of 2000 contacts.)

4.  Is MTG a list broker?

No, we are not a list broker or a list aggregator.  We are a database owner.  We created this database in-house.  Our data has been built via personal conversations with each contact in our database.  We do not compile our information from other lists.  We hand-build and maintain our database by calling each and every contact.

 5.  How is your market intelligence compiled?

Unlike list brokers, the records in our database do not contain data that has been aggregated from other lists.  Our database is highly accurate, hand-built via personal conversations with each contact.  The team of people building and maintaining our market intelligence database is made up of “Market Intelligence Consultants,” each of whom is a seasoned industry professional.  These are not “telemarketers” simply asking how to spell the person’s first and last name or verifying titles.  Rather, our Market Intelligence Consultants (MICs) are highly-trained industry professionals, who speak with each database contact personally to build and update the contact information and sales notes in our database.

Our of Market Intelligence Consultants make over 100,000 phone calls per year to ensure data accuracy for YOU!

Each MIC is experienced enough to conduct an intelligent conversation with senior level executives about corporate training and HR initiatives in their company.  The MIC then makes a judgment call to determine if the prospect is worthy to be included in the MTG database and if they are someone your company would want to connect with.

6.  How is your data delivered to customers?

The MTG market intelligence is delivered via an Excel file, available for import into your CRM database, or for use as a separate file.

7.  How is the MTG database segmented?

Our database is first segmented primarily by “Job Code” – this is unique to Mentor Tech Group and means you can choose certain areas of responsibility to customize your list.

Since we are engaging in personal conversations with each contact in our database, we have the luxury of being able to focus on a person’s responsibility rather than having to rely strictly on their job title, which does not always tell the whole story.

Consequently, we do not segment by job title, but rather, by the contact’s area of responsibility.  This is a much more effective way to segment the list, allowing us to give you the EXACT decision-maker contacts you seek!   For a list of sample MTG Job Codes, please click here.

Some clients may choose to further segment the data by company sales or number of employees, industry, or geography (state or metropolitan area). However, we ALWAYS recommend casting a wide net for marketing purposes. A larger list usually yields better results – it’s as simple as that.

8.  How often is the MTG database updated?

We provide FREE database updates to you every 4-MONTHS* to keep your list information FRESH at all times.

The Mentor Tech Group database is a highly fluid and meticulously-maintained.  Keeping the database current and providing four-month updates to clients is one of our most valuable services.  NOTE: Our database averages a 33% change rate every 4 months (including adds, removes and changes).

How is the database updated?  Our Market Intelligence Consultants make more than 100,000 phone calls per year, to re-verify and re-validate EVERY single contact on our database every four months. Yes, this is an enormous undertaking – but it’s the only way to ensure the data stays fresh.

*We provide FREE updates at month-four and month-eight, to all customers who license the use of at least 2000 contacts.

9.   How do you recommend clients employ the database to successfully drive new opportunities and increase return-on-investment?

The Mentor Tech Group and OrgWide Case Study provides an excellent example of the recommended use of the MTG market intelligence for marketing and sales purposes.  A well-planned, multi-pronged approach to sales and marketing works best, using a series of email and telephone follow-up.  Use a value-added content based approach to your outreach, offering valuable insights, tips or information related to the prospect’s industry.

As Jim Hartigan, Partner of OrgWide says, “The key to the success of the Mentor Tech Group list is simply this: You MUST work your list. You can’t just buy the list. You must actively work it.”

10.  Why would these people (i.e. decision-makers) want to be in your database?

We assure them during our conversation that the only companies we allow to access to their contact information are those offering value-added services or solutions to the HR/Training market.  (We do not sell their info to anyone outside our industry, like companies wanting to lower their interest rate.)  Every contact in our database has agreed to be there, with the knowledge they will be receiving helpful information from related businesses.

11.  Can I tell people I got their information from Mentor Tech Group? 

It’s always best to lead with your value proposition and/or a value-based offer to provide industry insights, information or tips that will benefit the prospect.  Consider that the initial contact we had with them might have taken place several months prior, so they won’t always remember Mentor Tech Group, or having had a conversation with us.  Introduce yourself and the value you can bring to their business, then proceed with a discussion to understand their business, their needs, their challenges, which you can help solve with your solution.

12.  How do you determine whether or not a contact belongs in your database?

Our Market Intelligence Consultants make a judgment call during each conversation – Does this contact merit membership in the Mentor Tech Group database?  There are five criteria used by the MIC to determine if a contact will be included in our database.

The contacts on our database are leaders in corporate training/HR from the top 5,500+ companies in North America – contacts that are responsible for one of the following:

– Spearheading projects, or
– Creating new initiatives, or
– Controlling the budget, or
– Making the decisions, or
– In a position of major influence (may not have the most impressive title – BUT – the decision was made to put them on the list because this person is on a committee which puts them in a position of major influence)

13. What happens at the end of my one-year contract with MTG?

If not renewing with MTG, at the end of the one-year MTG contract, clients are asked to remove all contacts with whom they are not engaged in a “dialogue” (phone or email exchange).  To ease this process, if using a CRM system, we recommend that you upload MTG records as LEADS and create a “lead source” field to map and import MTG’s Unique ID number assigned to each lead into your CRM system upon import.  If you do not choose to renew the list upon completion of the one-year contract, you can easily run a report of those leads with whom you are not yet in a “dialogue” and purge them from your CRM system.

14. Why are there multiple contacts per company on the MTG database?

When using Mentor Tech Group’s data, you will often find multiple contact names are provided for each account.  This allows multiple points of entry into any single account, providing you with the greatest advantage for account penetration.  Multiple contacts within an account allow for multiple angles of entry, thereby increasing your likelihood of success.  (Plus, because MTG offers multiple “Job Codes” in our database, we can provide multiple contacts per company with varying roles/responsibilities in an organization to better suit your marketing needs.) Due to algorithms used to build custom databases and provide updates, we cannot build lists by “one title per company.”

For further information, please contact Mentor Tech Group today at (651) 457-8600, Extension 1.  Thank you!

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