Segmented by Job Function

Our decision-maker database is segmented by each contact’s job function: the contact’s actual area of responsibility.

We call these JOB CODES. This is highly unique!

Why Do We Segment by Job Codes?

Titles are often deceiving. Consequently, in deciding which contacts merit membership in our database, we do not use titles as qualifying criteria. Instead, we use the contact’s actual area of responsibility, determined by having a personal conversation with each contact in our database.

This is a much more effective way to segment the list: Mentor Tech Group Job Codes. Each contact in our database is a leader in corporate training, HR, talent management, or e-learning.

To merit membership in our database, each contact must have one of five responsibilities (see below), regardless of title:

  1. Spearheading projects, or
  2. Creating new initiatives, or
  3. Controlling the budget, or
  4. Making the decisions, or
  5. In a position of major influence

The result? We have a database of the EXACT decision-maker contacts you are looking for…

See sample Job Codes below or for a complete listing click here:

T – General Training (Chief Learning Officer, VP Training, Director of Training & Development, Director of Organization Development, VP Education, etc., etc.  There are many different titles within this group.)

About 40% of the total Mentor Tech Group database (nearly 40,000 contacts) is made up of what we call “general” training contacts.

EL – E-learning

J – Safety Training or Compliance

ST – Sales Training

TM – Talent Management VP’s/Directors

R – Recruiting

M – Marketing VP’s/Directors

S – Sales VP’s/Directors

ITT – IT Training or Technical Training

IT – General IT (not necessarily involved in training: i.e., CIO, Director of IT, etc.)

H – General HR (not necessarily involved in training: i.e., VP HR, Director HR, etc.)

U – Corporate University

CR – Customer Service Training

EX – External Training (Many different titles: Client Services Training/Product Training/Product Management/Professional Services/Channel Training/Agent Training/Dealer Training/Educational Services/E-Business/E-Commerce contacts)

C – Corporate Communications (not necessarily involved in training: i.e., VP/Director Corp Communications, etc.)

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