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Top Tips to Ignite Your September Sales Results! By Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Sep 9, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

With the end of the year in sight now, the push is on to ramp up marketing and sales efforts to hit those 2019 revenue goals!   So, how will you make the most of the next several months to develop and close business before the end of the year?  We have some tricks to help you achieve the results you need when marketing to Corporate Training & HR! The five tips below are designed to help you rev up your sales and marketing results! 1.)    Reward Specific Sales Behavior: It may be time to develop additional sales rewards to ramp up sales…  Just be certain you are rewarding the RIGHT...

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3 Steps to Increase Trade Show ROI by Pat Ryan

Posted on Aug 27, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

Each week we talk with prospects and clients marketing to corporate training & HR.  In some ways, you could say we have our “finger on the pulse” of the mood in the corporate training/HR world.  We understand the buying habits, market trends and ongoing challenges in this industry – all from a prospecting perspective. One ongoing challenge we see for companies marketing to corporate training and HR is: How to Achieve Higher Trade Show Return-on-Investment (ROI) It’s important to realize that many times, we don’t have to make fancy or massive changes to get better results — a fundamental...

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#1 Productivity Killer in Prospecting by Pat Ryan

Posted on Aug 13, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

The most critical factor in determining if you will achieve your goals this year is how productive your team is at PROSPECTING. After all, poor prospecting = poor sales results! When it comes to prospecting within corporate training, e-learning and talent management, we have seen companies make many mistakes and missteps. But, there is one common mistake topping the list of productivity killers that: Wastes 75% of prospecting time, and Deflates Return-On-Investment of prospecting dollars Let’s talk about this list-topping mistake. First, a statement of the obvious – many times...

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Solution to Summer Sales Slump – Don’t Let off the Gas by Aleshia Humphries

Posted on Jul 8, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

Most companies wind down in the summer months because prospects are on vacation, employees take time off, kids are out of school, etc.  But is that really the best strategy?   The physics concept of “a body in motion stays in motion” comes to mind when I think of taking time off from my sales and marketing efforts.  I once read that it takes twice the effort to get something moving than it does to keep it moving — and this also applies to business.    So instead of slacking off on your outreach because you think nobody’s in the office or will pay attention to you, think again.  Here...

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Is Your Aging In-House Database Killing Your Business? by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Jun 14, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

Aging data in your B2B marketing database is a serious issue that can slowly KILL your business. It can be costly to address, but even MORE costly to IGNORE. Data ages at an alarming rate. The truth is ALL data is fluid, constantly changing.  Why? Because people change jobs, they move, retire, change industries, and (unfortunately) they die. People today are moving around much more than you might think. In the US, people change jobs an average of once every 4.2 years. (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018) Millennials change jobs every 2.8 years! (Dept. of Labor 2018) The average tenure at Google...

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A, B, Cs to Qualifying your ATD Leads

Posted on May 2, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

The ATD Annual Conference is just a week away and we are super excited to help you achieve the best ROI possible. Below are a few helpful tips to quickly and easily Sort and Qualify your trade show leads to streamline your success.    Make quick notes while on the show floor regarding any prospect conversations you’ve had. Periodically take a break to refresh. Stop by the Exhibitor Lounge* (sponsored by Mentor Tech Group) for complimentary coffee, tea and water. While on break, quickly categorize your show leads into hot, warm and cold categories. Designating each A, B, C will do by...

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