Client Testimonials

Results of using the MTG database continue to far exceed other data providers as proven by the following data from MarketLauncher:


MTG clients reporting the best results commonly follow a “formula for success” as outlined in our sample case studies.

Additional Mentor Tech Group Client Testimonials: 

“We found that the MTG database had the most accurate and vetted contacts in the training space that we’ve come across.  For anyone looking to pinpoint and contact Fortune 500 training leaders, this database is the best we’ve seen.”

Mark Murphy
Leadership IQ


“We purchased the Mentor Tech Group data to help grow our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development practice. Their guidance on how to select the right listing for us and how best to communicate our message was extremely helpful and valuable. 

Once we began our outbound email campaign, we realized a 10-fold return on investment in the first 90 days! Based on those results, we then expanded our MTG database to include even more records to use in our marketing & sales efforts. I look forward to a continued relationship with Mentor Tech.”

Managing Partner
Robert Gregory Partners

“Why did we elect to renew our subscription with Mentor Tech Group? In the first year of using their database, we:

  • Invoiced nine times what we spent on the list…
  • Averaged a 38.3% increase in overall website traffic and a 62.8% increase in new visitors!”

Jim Hartigan
Chief Business Development Officer
OrgWide Services, Inc.

“Yesterday we ran what we refer to as our Permanent Placement Campaign 2 (PP2) using the new MTG dataset.  We changed absolutely nothing in PP2 which was run with your data versus PP1 which was run with DiscoverOrg (DO) data. 

  • The DiscoverOrg data contained ~12.4k members and remained active for 30 days. 
  • The Mentor Tech Group (MTG) data contained ~7.5k members and has been active for ONLY 18 hours.  

Here are the metrics thus far:”  VP Sales – Sovereign Solutions

Campaign Name Dataset Used Campaign Members Campaign Active # of Opens

Open %

Permanent Placement 1 DiscoverOrg 12,424 30 Days 244 2.0%
Permanent Placement 2 MTG 7,530 1 Day *501 (*campaign still active) 6.7%


“Based on my experience with Patrick Ryan and  Mentor Tech Group, I found that they are an extremely trustworthy organization that delivers what they promise.  Their list data was up-to-date and reliable.  They were easy to work with and even more importantly, easy to get on the phone and talk to.  They really seem to care about the personal touch.  Their list data is carefully checked and re-checked and no doubt, that impacts the price, but for sure, they provide very high-quality lead data that really worked for the projects we used them for.

Michael St. Lawrence
Dycoco, LLC

“In searching for ways to reach more people, we began using the Mentor Tech Group database in 2006. Simply stated, MTG’s market intelligence in the Corporate Training & HR industries, provides accurate contact information and notes for the exact people we need to reach. (We did experiment with lower-cost list companies over the years, but the results were poor…)

We estimate we have booked over $4 Million in revenue as a direct result of using MTG’s list data. If you are selling or marketing to the training and HR industries, I highly recommend Mentor Tech Group for your marketing list needs.”

Mark Coleman
Training Funding Partners Group

“Aleshia Humphries and the Mentor Tech Group were extremely easy to work with. They were prompt in delivering the initial list and with the subsequent updates. Aleshia was superb in her follow-up and always looking out for ways that we could leverage their list.”

Christine Cush
Executive Director
Weatherhead Executive Education

“I’ve been tracking the leads and pipeline from the MTG database service (self-high-five). To-date we’ve generated 24 leads via marketing efforts to this list – $92K in the pipeline, and we’ve already closed $33,500….We’ve generated a 108.64% ROI and a 92.83% Annualized ROI.”

Marilyn Cox
Vice President of Marketing & CRM
The Second City

“After meeting with Pat from Mentor Tech Group, I felt he immediately understood our challenging data needs.  Thanks to the quality of the contact information we purchased from Mentor Tech Group, we’ve seen a significant increase in meaningful discussions with the right contacts, resulting in new clients and business opportunities. 

I have found the MTG data to be accurate, thorough and organized.  By leveraging MTG’s data, it’s been easy to target new, relevant leads that fit the criteria of our desired clientele. I’m happy to recommend Mentor Tech Group to anyone seeking Corporate Training & HR decision-maker information.”

Rebecca Baxter
Senior Business Relationship Manager
McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc.

“KnowledgeVision’s purchase of the Mentor Tech Database has really paid off- literally! The quality of the data is outstanding and already, we have generated 4x the revenue than what we invested. And, we still have deals throughout the entire pipeline. Our MTG rep and the entire MTG team has been so easy to work with and they are very concerned with our success.”

Susan Zaney
Vice President, Marketing

“After researching ways to increase HR/L&D contacts, we invested in a Mentor Tech Group list.  We were pleasantly surprised by the high percentage of accurate, quality contacts mapped to industry that were new to our database.  Looking forward to the next MTG database update!”Vice President, Corporate Marketing

“We needed a RELIABLE list resource to provide us with accurate, up-to-date corporate training and HR decision-maker contact information.  Mentor Tech Group has far surpassed our expectations, providing us with highly accurate information, four-month updates, and regular marketing tips and ideas to make best use of our list.

Our reps no longer waste time trying to hunt around to find the right contact – Mentor Tech Group has done all the hard work for us!  I highly recommend their list services to anyone marketing to corporate training and HR.” 

Melonia da Gama
WW Sales Enablement and Director of Product Marketing, Learning

“We sought to increase our sales activity with lead generation.  After reviewing several options on the market, we chose Mentor Tech.  Immediately we received positive results in revenue and prospect connection.  Mentor Tech is a proven and valuable lead generation firm…

James Carmazzi
Vice President
Carmazzi Global Solutions 

“I’ve been a customer of Mentor Tech Group many times and always order their database of Training and HR decision makers because it is extremely accurate. As an author of personality type training products based on the work of Dr. Carl Jung/Myers Briggs, I’ve used MTG’s database to successfully promote my books and training products to corporate Training and HR decision makers. Mentor Tech Group provides the best leads I’ve ever purchased! They are fantastic!”

Pamela Hollister, Author, INTJ

The PEOPLE Process – are you ISTJ? ENFP?
“Understanding People it what it’s all about.”

I’ve worked with Mentor Tech Group for several years now (maybe eight or more?) and they have the best HR/Training lists I have ever come across… Payback/ROI is probably different for every company, but I think MTG lists get you further along in the sales cycle because they contain the exact titles and people who make purchasing decisions for their organization.

You could go elsewhere and get a list for pennies per name, but most of these are compiled electronically and not verified via phone and researched the way Pat’s team does it. I highly recommend MTG. This is one investment where you definitely get what you pay for.”

VP Marketing
Corporate Learning Division of an Ivy League School

“I’ve used Mentor Tech for 8 years with enormous success.  Open rates are always much higher — sometimes triple — other list providers, with consistently above average conversions.  Service is excellent, with regular updates and metrics on list demographics that are helpful for further segmentation.”

Marketing Manager
Major Online Learning Provider

“We got fabulous service from Mentor Tech Group! They gave us a perfectly targeted list covering our geographic market—and it saved us both time and money. Their methodology of collecting training intelligence is obviously very effective.”

Doreen Fausto
Marketing Manager
Interpersonal Technology Group (ITG)


“The Mentor Tech database is perfectly targeted to our company’s prospective clients.”

Allen Nohre, President
Corporate Coach U

“We purchased a list from Mentor Tech for an email marketing campaign, but decided to call from the list instead. Although we had the list for 5 months before we made the first phone call, the contact information was fresh and accurate, and we were able to convert 10% to prospects after calling completely through the list one time. I’ve been in sales for over 13 years and I’ve called on direct mail lists (and developed lists myself) – I’ve never had as much success as I’ve had with Mentor Tech. We’re not considering if we’ll use them again, we’re considering when!”

Tony Bolden
Client Relationship Manager
Leadership Strategies, Inc.

“Finally, a database that not only meets expectations, it exceeds them. Real companies, real contacts, and real phone numbers. It is a valuable time saver to use the MTG Fortune 1000 Market Intelligence Database to get to the correct contacts on the first call.”

Jay Jorgensen
Regional Manager, New Sales Acquisitions
Batky-Howell, LLC

“I was very impressed with the detail and information that had gone into compiling this list; it saved us a lot of time since it gave us the information we needed without all the time trying to find accurate detail on these people. We also like the opportunity to do both a mail list and an email list to a focused group of people that make decisions about training in their respective industries.”

Dan Crear, Director of Sales
The Sales Board

“I gave the samples to one of my salespeople. One of his existing accounts was on the sample list. He said that the three contacts provided on the database were exactly the three people that should be called if someone were going to approach that company with an e-learning or training solution. With that type of validation, purchasing the entire database was a no-brainer!

Paul Tobin, Chairman & EVP
LogicBay Corporation

“We have been impressed with the accuracy and the quality of the list.”

Adam Levin
Information Experts, Inc.


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