Customized Intel

MTG’s database of Corporate Training & HR Market Intelligence provides the decision-maker contact information you seek.

There are many ways we can customize our market intelligence to meet your needs:

    • By company revenue (Fortune 1000 down to $30MM annual sales)
    • By # employees
    • By industry
    • By geography
    • By job code

We provide accurate market intelligence including: Company name, contact name and title, telephone number, mailing address and where possible, a validated email address for all varieties of companies.

Cut, dice and slice our Market Intelligence database of:

  • Fortune 1000 Companies
    America’s most prestigious list of top public companies
  • Large Companies – 2nd half of the “Fortune 2000”
    60% are $1B+ companies, 40% are $675MM – $1B companies
  • Midsize Companies
    $200MM – $675MM companies
  • Small Companies
    $30MM – $200MM
  • Canadian Companies
    60% are $1B+ Companies
    30% are $500MM – $1B
    10% are $400 – $500MM
  • Public and/or Private Companies
  • Vertical Markets
  • Geographical Markets

Download the Mentor Tech Group Data Card Worksheet.

See how everything breaks down, then give us a call – we’re here to help you select the list that’s right for your specific target marketing requirements. And, be sure to ask about our FULL ACCESS solution – the most cost-effective way to access ALL contacts in the Mentor Tech Group database!