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Posted on Nov 7, 2023 in Blog, Training and HR

While there are many ways that companies attempt to market and sell to Corporate Training and HR decision-makers, not all are successful.

Many fail miserably. But there’s no need for that!

Are you looking for ideas to generate better results when marketing to Corporate Training and HR? We have some proven answers for you…

As a matter of fact, Mentor Tech Group has removed ALL the guesswork for you. With more than two decades of specialization in this industry, we’ve gained profound insights into what works. Partnering with Mentor Tech Group grants you access to our extensive experience, knowledge, and an unparalleled market intelligence database comprising the contacts of Corporate Training and HR decision-makers.

The most crucial secret to achieving success in marketing and sales within the Corporate Training and HR sector is to begin with a high-quality, precise database of the exact decision-makers you are targeting. While this may sound straightforward, there was a time when obtaining such information was far from easy.

Back in March 1999, Pat Ryan and his team were on a quest to find a high-quality list resource containing contacts of decision-makers in the Corporate Training and HR domain, and to their astonishment, none were to be found. Their exhaustive search turned up empty-handed.

It was at this moment that Pat recognized the need to establish Mentor Tech Group to fill this critical gap in the market. He understood that if his team faced difficulties in locating Training and HR decision-maker contact information, others were likely grappling with the same problem. And he was absolutely right!

Over the years, Mentor Tech Group has empowered countless companies across the globe with top-notch market intelligence and prospecting methodologies. We remain the pioneering and sole company specializing in hand-crafting a comprehensive database of corporate training and HR decision-makers.

This is precisely why some of our customers have been with us for more than two decades. They rely on Mentor Tech Group for regularly updated lists of Corporate Training and HR decision-makers. Year after year, they keep coming back because this is the tried-and-true secret that powers success in marketing to this sector.

Accessing the decision-makers you need for marketing and sales is the number one secret to success in this domain.

Mentor Tech Group is THE Original Marketing Resource to Reach Training & HR Decision Makers

Offering Premium Training & HR Decision Maker Info Since 1999

Our database encompasses a wide array of data points, encompassing contact details like phone numbers, addresses, and emails, as well as valuable market intelligence such as Fortune ranking, the number of employees, and industry specifics. Additionally, we offer a “Comments” section that contains essential sales-related information to enhance your sales efforts. This section includes details such as:

  • WHO is the contact’s assistant, and related contact info
  • HOW do you pronounce their name, what specific responsibilities they have, or has the company been acquired recently, etc.
  • WHY has this person been selected as meriting membership in our database? (Although their title may not indicate they are an important contact, they may actually have important responsibilities in the decision-making process, categorized by our proprietary Job Codes.)
  • WHERE else to contact them – sometimes we have cell phone numbers, sometimes additional address information.

Our information is hand-built via telephone interviews with each contact in our database, ensuring they are someone you’d like to speak with. These are people responsible for:

  1. Spearheading projects, or
  2. Creating new initiatives, or
  3. Controlling the budget, or
  4. Making final decisions

In addition, we are STILL the only company offering a proprietary Job Code assignment to each contact in our database. Every Job Code is a clearly defined role and responsibility. So, instead of segmenting the database by a nebulous job title, these Job Codes allow us to identify the exact targets you want, as determined by their area(s) of influence. What are they truly responsible for? What kind of decisions to they have influence or direct impact on?

CLICK HERE TO view our full list of Job Codes.

Sample Job Codes include:

T – General Training

(Chief Learning Officer, VP Training, Director of Training & Development, Director of Organization Development, VP Education, etc., etc.  There are many different titles within this group.)

About 40% of the total Mentor Tech Group database is made up of what we call “general” training contacts.

EL – E-learning

ST – Sales Training

TM – Talent Management VP’s/Directors

R – Recruiting

M – Marketing VPs/Directors

S – Sales VPs/Directors

IT – General IT (not necessarily involved in training: i.e., CIO, Director of IT, etc.)

H – General HR (not necessarily involved in training: i.e., VP HR, Director HR, etc.)

U – Corporate University


If you are a current client, we thank you for your continued support!

If you have never used a Mentor Tech Group market intelligence database in your sales or marketing efforts, contact us today for a database walk-through to see the kind of data you’re missing.

The Mentor Tech Group database accuracy is guaranteed! Isn’t it time you learned more?

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