Tips to Achieve Better Marketing Results for LESS Money in ’23 by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Dec 12, 2022 in Blog, Principles of Success, Training and HR

As you set up your 2023 marketing strategy and budget, it’s critical to assess what kind of ROI you can expect from each marketing tactic BEFORE you SPEND any money. 

It’s all about HOW you spend your marketing budget and what return on investment you can expect from each marketing tactic you employ. 

First, assess how much time your team WASTES by prospecting using that outdated trade show list, or by using a GENERIC marketing list that doesn’t focus on Learning & Development decision-makers. Many times, trade show lists and generic lists do not contain actual role-based decision-makers but just titles that look good. 

What does this mean for your sales team? Probably all of the following: 

  • Bouncing from one person to the next to get to the right decision-maker
  • Sitting on hold because you don’t have direct numbers
  • Listening to large corporate voicemail menus or getting stopped by gatekeepers
  • Asking for people who “haven’t been here for 4 years” or “passed away 2 years ago”

This is the result of using outdated, stale lists containing non-decision makers!  What a waste!

HOW MUCH time is wasted looking? You would be SHOCKED.

The findings are clear – and salespeople will confirm – time spent drilling into corporate training organizations “in search of” breaks down like this:

  • 75% of the time is spent looking for the RIGHT person, and 
  • Only 25% of the time is spent communicating with them 

Question: How much does that “inexpensive” list REALLY cost you when you factor in decreased productivity that results from digging for the right contact? 

Answer: That “inexpensive” list will always end up costing you much more than the initial list fee!

Factor in the typical high inaccuracy rate and lack of real decision-maker info in most lists, and the true cost of that “inexpensive” list goes way up. So much time is wasted by your sales team searching for the right decision-makers! 

The result? “Less expensive” generic prospecting lists cost far more in the end. 

But with the Mentor Tech Group Market Intelligence database, your salespeople gain access to more than 40,000 REAL employee training & HR decision-makers. Because we hand-build our database via individual phone calls, our list contains REAL BUYERS responsible for: 

  • Spearheading training projects 
  • Creating new training initiatives
  • Controlling the budget for employee training
  • Making the decisions for learning & development
  • Making the decisions for HR-related products and services

So, what is the ROI of investing in a HIGH QUALITY, pre-drilled-down marketing list from MTG?

Here is one example:

A $5,000 pre-drilled-down MTG list is paid for in less than two months by reducing losses…with only ONE salesperson! (What if you have two??)

  • Reach break-even in less than eight weeks
  • Hard cost savings alone will pay for the list more than six times in less than a year – with an annual ROI of 651%!
  • Factor in soft cost savings like increased productivity, shorter sales cycle, reduced turnover and greater job satisfaction – and ROI skyrockets! 

What if you have two, four or six salespeople? The ROI numbers are staggering. Ask yourself, “Can we afford to continue wasting this much money?” 

Bottom Line – Time is Money: Your staff is wasting 75% of their prospecting time.

You are paying $42.07* (or more) per hour to your salespeople. Drilling down in search of the corporate training decision maker is not $42/hour work – it’s $14 per hour work! Why pay TRIPLE the cost? (*Assumes all-in sales rep cost of $87,500/yr.)

Stop wasting time and money! 

Try our ROI calculator today and see what kind of results you can achieve using the Mentor Tech Group market intelligence database. 

Don’t make a $42/hour employee do $14/hour work! Give your reps the accurate lists of decision-makers they seek. Call Mentor Tech Group to learn how. 

The results will speak for themselves:

“We purchased the Mentor Tech Group data to help grow our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development practice…Once we began our outbound email campaign, we realized a 10-fold return on investment in the first 90 days!…” – Managing Partner, Robert Gregory Partners

Would you like to see a visual representation of the potential ROI of investing in a Mentor Tech Group market intelligence list? Try our free ROI calculator.

Then call Mentor Tech Group for a quote of the exact Training & HR decision-makers you need to succeed and start accelerating your pipeline today! 

Start 2023 out right! Call MTG today to learn more at (651) 457-8600, Ext. 1, or email us at!

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