Sobering Sales Statistics & Foolproof Remedies by Jae-ann Rock & Pat Ryan

Posted on Apr 1, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

Did you know? In a 2019 survey by sales strategist Marc Wayshak, the salespeople surveyed reported: 66.7% had reached out to fewer than 250 prospects in the past year Only 15% reached out to more than 1,000 prospects in that time period 54% said it is “harder” or “much harder” to get in front of prospects than five years ago Those are some sobering statistics.  What does this mean for your business? Your salespeople must reach out to MORE prospects than ever – just to get the SAME results. Your salespeople are probably not getting in front of ENOUGH prospects to meet their goals. Your...

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The One Thing You KNOW You Need to Do…But Still Haven’t Done by Pat Ryan

Posted on Mar 20, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

After more than 20 years working with companies marketing to the e-learning, corporate training, and HR industries, we have developed a wealth of knowledge about marketing and selling to these markets. Specializing in this narrow niche has given us the rare opportunity to see into the many challenges experienced by a wide variety of companies marketing to this industry. Some problems end up being unique to one company and do not plague other companies. Then there are those challenges shared by many different companies, large and small – and we see them over and over again. ALL companies have...

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The Secret to Successfully Marketing to Corporate Training & HR by Pat Ryan & Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Mar 4, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

While there are many ways companies attempt to market and sell to Corporate Training and HR decision makers, not all are successful. For example, many companies attend industry trade shows, only to get lost in the chaotic shuffle of dozens of vendors on the show floor. So, what is the one secret you can leverage to successfully market to Corporate Training and HR? Stop guessing! We have taken all of the guesswork out of this for you. You see, we’ve specialized in this industry for 20 years now – and we know what works. Working with Mentor Tech Group provides you access to all of that...

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Keeping Sales Teams Productive Instead of “Busy” (5 Steps) by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Feb 18, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

We all know there is a vast difference between being productive and being “busy.” It is critical to reduce or eliminate “busy work,” particularly for your well-paid professional sales staff.  Left unaddressed, busy work can quickly erode sales and company profits by reducing time for the more important, truly productive work. So, are your sales reps productive with their time? Or, are they just “busy”? What steps can you take to reduce their admin work? How can you maximize their productivity by increasing the time spent selling? According to the process optimizing company, Nintex, 67% of...

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Lose the weight – of DEAD data! by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Feb 5, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

Some people make new year’s resolutions. Few people keep them. According to U.S. News, 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by mid-February! I’m not surprised… It’s hard to create new habits that actually “stick.” For most organizations, the same holds true for cleaning up their data: There are great intentions to clean up the data and keep it clean. But in reality, it’s a difficult, ONGOING process. (As in never-ending, continuous, incessant, unrelenting…you get the idea!) But, if you market and sell to Corporate Training and HR, you’re in luck! We can help you revolutionize the process...

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7 Tips to Motivate Your Sales People by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Jan 24, 2019 in Blog, Principles of Success, Training and HR

In today’s tight labor market, it is critical to keep your most valued employees – especially those in sales! Study after study has shown that money isn’t a significant factor to retain employees. So, what can YOU do to keep your sales people motivated and happy to remain with your company? What tactics can you employ to increase employee engagement? How can you improve morale to better retain key talent? There are several timeless factors that are likely to motivate sales people to achieve huge success – for themselves, for their sales team, and for your company. In this week’s...

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