Tips to Achieve Improved Marketing ROI in 2024 by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Dec 11, 2023 in Blog, Training and HR

As you plan your 2024 marketing strategy and budget, it’s crucial to assess the expected return on investment (ROI) for each tactic before committing any funds.

Start by evaluating whether your team is wasting time on outdated prospecting methods, like obsolete trade show lists or generic marketing lists lacking a focus on Learning and Development decision-makers.

These outdated lists often lack ACTUAL decision-makers, leading to real issues for your sales team such as:

  • Jumping between contacts to find the right decision-maker.
  • Delays due to a lack of direct contact numbers.
  • Navigating complex voicemail menus or dealing with gatekeepers.
  • Inquiring about individuals who are no longer with the company.

Using stale lists containing non-decision makers is a counterproductive use of time!

Consider the time wasted in this pursuit. Findings show that a significant portion of time spent is spent searching for the right contact:

  • 75% of the time is spent searching for the correct person.
  • Only 25% is spent communicating with them.

Now, ponder the actual cost of that seemingly “inexpensive” list when you factor in decreased productivity from the search for the right contact. The reality is that the perceived cost-effectiveness of the list is deceptive and will ultimately incur higher costs than the initial fee suggests.

When you factor in the high inaccuracy rate and lack of real decision-maker information in most lists, the genuine cost of the “inexpensive” list skyrockets. Your sales team wastes valuable time, resulting in supposedly “less expensive” generic prospecting lists much costlier in the long run.

BUT Mentor Tech Group can HELP!

Enter the Mentor Tech Group Market Intelligence database, granting your salespeople access to nearly 40,000 Corporate Training and HR decision-makers. Our database is hand-built through meticulous individual phone calls, our database contains the real buyers responsible for:

  • Spearheading training projects.
  • Initiating new training initiatives.
  • Controlling the budget for employee training.
  • Making decisions for learning and development.
  • Making decisions for HR-related products and services.

Investing in a high-quality, pre-drilled-down marketing list from MTG yields substantial ROI. Here’s an example:

  • A $5,000 MTG list can be recouped in less than two months by reducing losses with just one salesperson.

Achieve break-even in less than eight weeks, and hard cost savings alone can pay for the list over six times in less than a year—with an annual ROI of 651%.

Factor in soft cost savings, and the ROI skyrockets.

Consider the impact on ROI if you have multiple salespeople—the numbers are staggering. Ask yourself, “Can we afford to continue wasting this much money?”

In summary, time is money—your staff is wasting 75% of their prospecting time. Cease the wasteful expenditure of time and money! Empower your reps with accurate lists of decision-makers they seek.

Embark on 2024 with a strategic approach!

Contact Mentor Tech Group today to learn how.

“We purchased the Mentor Tech Group data to help grow our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development practice… Once we began our outbound email campaign, we realized a 10-fold return on investment in the first 90 days!” – Leadership Consulting Group

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