Lead Gen Best Steps when Marketing to Training & HR by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Jul 9, 2021 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

Many companies talk about their complex marketing plans to generate more leads. But complex marketing plans alone won’t result in an increase in qualified leads. 

To improve lead gen results, you must enact a formula for success. That’s why this week, we will share with you several key components to a successful lead gen campaign as a good reminder of WHAT WORKS when marketing to Corporate Training & HR!

5 Keys to Lead Gen Success:

  1. Invest in a High-Quality, Targeted List from a reputable source – Use an Accurate, High-Quality List in your Target Market! 
    • Use a high-quality, targeted email marketing list with accurate contact information including phone numbers
    • Be sure your marketing list is large enough to achieve desired results. With an average email open rate of 10%, combined with an average 5% click-through rate, a list of 1000 contacts will yield only 5 “interested” people. So, be certain you are casting a wide enough net to achieve the results you need!
    • Always keep your email marketing list current. Within the MTG database, we see an average change rate of 33% every 4 months – that’s HUGE! 
  2. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy – Determine your goals and objectives.
    • Identify hot topics of interest to your target industry.
    • Create an email marketing schedule and stick to it. Remember: Consistency is the key (once or twice a month is recommended).
    • Be sure your email marketing strategy is linked to your sales strategy and goals.
    • KNOW and Follow all CAN-SPAM & International Email Marketing Laws. 
  3. Communicate Clearly & Create Value-Added Content
    • Create Value-Added Content NOT SALES content
      • Develop educational, thought-leadership content the reader will find helpful in their business.
      • Write about industry trending topics.
      • Take a controversial stance on something to get the reader’s attention.
      • Think from the recipient’s perspective. What interests your readers? What kind of content would YOU OPEN? (On the flip side: What makes you delete an email? What makes you unsubscribe?)
  4. Employ Email Marketing Best Practices to Increase Results – 
    • Partner with a trusted Email Service Provider (e.g. MailChimp), designed to track all email activity, including opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.
    • Consistency is Key – shoot for sending emails 1-2x/month, every month
    • Create a Compelling Subject Line to Increase Open Rates
    • Develop an “Email Teaser” to Increase Click-through Rates- Do not give away the whole article within your email campaign. Provide just enough information using an “email teaser” so readers will be enticed to “Click to read more.” Include trackable links where people must “Click to read the full article” This is the only way you can track who is actually engaging with your content.
    • Follow up on all email clickers via Personalized Phone & Email Outreach; Call all “new clickers” within 48 hours
    • Add warm leads to your sales pipeline & take them to the next step in your sales process
  5. BONUS: Nurture all “not now” leads to close 
    • Continue to provide value at every touch. Add all “Not Ready Now” leads to your Nurture campaigns 
    • Develop targeted email marketing by industry, product offering, geography, etc. 
    • Create workflows to automatically nurture interested leads using “hot lead” triggers. (i.e. the number of times a contact opens your emails; the number of times they click on certain links, etc.)
    • Remain consistent in your outreach.
    • Goal: when they are ready to buy, they will think of you first. 
    • Work Leads through Sales Process to Close

Repeat Steps 3-5 on a continuous basis 

Content, Consistency & Follow Up are the Keys to Success

Remember – without Step #1, USE OF A HIGH-QUALITY, TARGETED DATABASE of leads, none of these other steps matter. It is imperative that you secure the RIGHT database with the market intelligence you need to succeed. Only Mentor Tech Group gives you the power to sub-out the substantial effort you would normally have to make (every time) to create a clean, targeted list to conduct your marketing campaigns in the Training & HR industries.

Once you have a clean database of decision-maker contacts, follow the steps above to achieve improved lead gen results. Check out this MTG client case study proving this approach works! 

And keep in mind, Mentor Tech Group offers drilled-down Market Intelligence, not just “data”.  Our lists contain email addresses, direct dial numbers, and key sales notes, and market intelligence, allowing you to reach decision-makers faster. But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.

Save time and money by using MTG’s lists:

  • The best and most qualified marketing Market Intelligence in the industry
  • A direct link to the decision-makers you seek!
  • Precisely targeted and highly accurate information, ready for you to email and call!

Remember the MTG database investment includes the following benefits:

  • Use of your MTG corporate training and HR database list data for one year
  • Enjoy UNLIMITED usage with a renewable one year license
  • FREE updates every 4 months during the year

Remember, Mentor Tech Group is a highly specialized company offering marketing intelligence data for companies selling and marketing to decision-makers in e-learning, corporate training, talent management, and HR. This is not “just a list” but rather, a hand-built database of actual decision-makers, updated every four months by real people!

Outsource to an expert in your business. Mentor Tech Group provides:

See what our customers are saying, then contact us at (651) 457-8600 Extension 1. 


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