Pros and Cons of Buying Leads (5 Questions to Ask) by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Nov 10, 2020 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

It’s always important to review the pros and cons of buying leads before you dive into investing in a marketing list. 

When thinking about the pros and cons of investing in a marketing list, here is the first rule to remember:

  • Not all list companies are created equal!

As a matter of fact, purchasing a poor quality, INEXPENSIVE list of contacts can actually result in HUGE issues for your business. Did you know that email to a poor quality list can actually DAMAGE your domain reputation score? That is serious.

So, before you invest in any marketing list again – do your homework. Know what you’re getting. It is critical to the integrity of your business.

Let’s compare answers to the following five questions: MTG’s Market Intelligence Database versus “Typical List Companies.” Be sure to ask these questions of any potential marketing data vendor before making your next list investment.

1.) How is the Data Compiled, and WHO is Compiling It?

Ask your potential list vendor how the data is being compiled. 

  • Is the data being aggregated from other lists? If so, it will likely contain a high percentage of old, outdated information. 
  • Is there a team of people making phone calls to gather the information? If so, what is the training or background of those compiling the data? Do they have a background or specialty in Corporate Training and/or HR? 
  • How do they determine if a contact is an actual decision-maker? Do they just assume responsibility based on the job title? 

MTG’s Market Intelligence Database is Hand-Built by Industry Professionals

MTG is NOT a list broker or a list aggregator.  We are a database owner.  We create and maintain our database in-house via personal conversations with each contact to determine IF they merit membership in our database. Our team of Market Intelligence Consultants, experienced veterans who’ve worked as leaders in the training or HR industry, make more than 100,000 calls per year to keep our database accurate. 

We use five criteria used to determine IF a contact “merits membership” in the MTG database. They must be:

  • Spearheading new projects, or
  • Creating new initiatives, or
  • Controlling the budget, or
  • Making the decisions, or
  • In a position of major influence

vs. Typical List Companies: Their databases are built by aggregated data from other data sources, often gathered electronically with no human contact to determine who is a real decision-maker in the areas of Corporate Training and HR. With some list company databases containing more than 15 million contacts, you know they are focused on quantity, not quality, segmenting by just titles (MANY with NO decision-making authority or influence at all).

2.) How Often is the Data Updated?

Typical “list” companies simply aggregate data from other lists, and therefore the information is already out of date when you receive it. 

MTG’s Market Intelligence Database – Receive FREE* Updates every Four Months

With the purchase of MTG data, you will receive FREE* list updates every FOUR months.  The MTG database is current, accurate and qualified. Our data shows a 33% rate of change in the MTG database every four months. That’s a lot of change to keep up with! But with MTG, you can receive additional contacts when updates are delivered and new prospects are added to your list – at no extra charge! (*Free updates included with minimum list purchase and standard 1-year license.)

vs. Typical List Companies: Updates are usually not included – oftentimes your list purchase is just a one-time snapshot of the list aggregator’s data, with no updates throughout the year. Your purchase is basically a one-and-done transaction, making your list grow stale within just a few months. 

3.) Does Data Contain the Contact’s Area of Responsibility? (not just “Titles”)

Typical list companies generally identify and segment their data by job titles. We all know that job titles are often nebulous and not descriptive of the contact’s actual area of responsibility. 

MTG’s Market Intelligence Database Segments by Person’s Job Function (not by nebulous titles) 

MTG’s Training & HR database is the only marketing data resource available that identifies each contact’s actual area of oversight, such as Sales Training, Recruiting, IT, or Organizational Development. We are the only company that can do this, because we talk to each contact in our database to determine their area of responsibility. We call these “Job Codes” and use this to segment our database, providing you with the exact information you need. 

vs. Typical List Companies: Average list companies are data aggregators and therefore can’t know a contact’s exact area of responsibility. They “assume” responsibility by Title – which means the data often does not contain the actual Training & HR decision-makers you need to target.

4.) Ease of Usage / List Delivery

We make it easy for you. We know that it’s important for you to have the flexibility to use a marketing list in whatever way works best. 

MTG’s Market Intelligence Database – Provided in Excel or .CSV Format

The MTG data is delivered via flexible Excel or .csv format giving you physical custody of ALL info AND full control of your use of the info. 

vs. Typical List Companies: Some other list companies require a fee per user license and designated users must log into their platform to segment and sort/select data on their own. This process can be cumbersome and often results in lists of non-decision makers. 

5.) Are there Restrictions for Use?

Mentor Tech Group provides UNLIMITED use of our data for calling, emailing, or direct mail campaigns for the duration of your contract.

Your typical list company will limit the use of their lists – some not permitting emailing the list, others allowing only a one-time use of the list…

But – Mentor Tech Group is different.


The Bottom Line – “MTG’s Market Intelligence” is very different from “Typical List Aggregators.”

The truth is, there are very few commercially available lists that can provide the kind of drilled down, accurate decision-maker information you need when targeting Training & HR. 

Mentor Tech Group offers drilled-down Market Intelligence, not just mere “data.”

The MTG Difference: 

Mentor Tech Group’s market intelligence lists are hand-built by industry specialists to determine if each contact merits membership in our database.  (Now that’s unique!)

FREE list updates every four months are included in your list purchase (with minimum list purchase and standard 1-year contract). 

Because we speak to each contact in our database, we gather information about their specific Job Function and area of responsibility in the organization. We call these “Job Codes.” (Sample MTG Job Codes can be found HERE.)


Contact Us today to learn more at: 651-457-8600, Ext. 1  

We’re happy to build a quote that meets your target market specifications. Remember to ask if our Full Access Solution might be right for you!



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