How to Create Value-Added Marketing Content by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on May 18, 2020 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

In our last article, we presented information about emerging marketing trends during the COVID19 pandemic. One key take away from these trends shows an increased appetite for value-added, marketing style content, versus “salesy” content.

So this week, we thought it would be helpful to dive deeper into the topic of value-added content while answering commonly asked questions:

  • How do we create engaging, value-added content?
  • How do we promote our content to the right target audience in our industry?
  • How do we leverage email marketing while minimizing our email opt-outs?

The key to successful marketing these days is to deliver value-added content to the right audience on a consistent basis. The consumption of educational business content has increased significantly in the past 8 weeks. Marketing email open rates have increased as people seek content with value to help their business during this challenging time.

Remember: Value-added content is FREE content that is helpful, insightful, educational, or informative. What are common industry challenges or issues? What are industry-related news feeds or social media feeds buzzing about? Are there industry trends emerging?

Now, identify your internal subject matter experts. Interview them. Ask them to share insights regarding these questions or other common challenges or needs in the industry. Create a related series of tips-and-tricks articles.

Then, using this information, develop a content arsenal including the following types of content:

  • Industry trends/insights
  • Challenges or issues solved
  • A “Tips-and-Tricks” content series
  • Best practices in X
  • Results of research
  • Interviews with key subject matter experts
  • Educational Webinars

Present the content with the following backdrop questions in mind:

  • Is it helpful to my prospects?
  • Is it relevant and timely? (Be mindful of TONE during this time of COVID19)
  • Is it engaging – capable of sparking conversation?
  • Is it inspiring?

By providing insightful, educational content to your audience, you will decrease email opt-out rates as people come to expect high-quality, helpful content from your organization. Note: Sending value-added content once or twice a month on a regular basis works well to continue to engage your audience while brand-building. (Be careful of sending emails too frequently, or your email opt-out rate may increase if people feel they’re receiving TOO many emails from your organization.)

Consider adding the following value-added marketing content to your marketing plans:

  1. Targeted Emails
  • Once a quarter, send an “I saw this and thought of you” email, citing a source of industry information that could prove helpful to your audience.
  • Research industry trending topics to gather content ideas.
  • To make the most impact using this technique, categorize your prospects by industry, the area of solution required, size, or other variables.
  • Target your email campaigns according to common areas of need/interest.
  1. White Papers
  • Develop an insightful white paper and make it available for download
  • Provide industry-related tips, ideas, and/or education
  1. Webinars/Podcasts
  • Invite prospects to attend an educational webinar or podcast.
  • Offer curriculum-based information of value to assist prospects in resolving common challenges, or provide business tips to increase sales or decrease costs.
  1. E-Newsletter or Blog
  • Develop a content-rich newsletter or blog, with topics targeted to your industry.
  • We recommend you send an e-newsletter once or twice a month to a targeted list of industry contacts.
  • Send value-added content consistently, every month.
  • Remember, the content you send should NOT be an advertisement for your services… Rather, this is an opportunity to address industry needs and concerns, demonstrate knowledge, provide tips, “best practices”, etc. Your goal is to be viewed as a helpful, knowledgeable consultant.
  1. Case Studies
  • Did you know that 69%* of B2B marketers at small and mid-sized companies rated case studies as very effective marketing content, followed by “in-person” events?
  • Case studies act as an in-depth testimonial, bolstering credibility and elevating your brand within your industry.
  • Use impactful case studies in your lead nurturing campaigns to demonstrate benefits and results achieved by others using your services.

(*Content Marketing Institute, B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks)

Continue to build your company name as a trusted brand in the industry.  Offer value in every piece of marketing content outreach. You want to be viewed as an industry thought-leader, a helpful resource. Do not try to sell your services in this marketing outreach. Instead, use the opportunity to educate, assist, and build trust.

Ultimately, by continuing to provide value-added content to your target audience, your prospects will think of you first when they’re ready to buy. Set yourself up for success. So that when the economy comes roaring back, your prospects will think of you…


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