Sobering Sales Statistics & Foolproof Remedies by Jae-ann Rock & Pat Ryan

Posted on Apr 1, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

Did you know?

In a 2019 survey by sales strategist Marc Wayshak, the salespeople surveyed reported:

  • 66.7% had reached out to fewer than 250 prospects in the past year
  • Only 15% reached out to more than 1,000 prospects in that time period
  • 54% said it is “harder” or “much harder” to get in front of prospects than five years ago

Those are some sobering statistics. 

What does this mean for your business?

  1. Your salespeople must reach out to MORE prospects than ever – just to get the SAME results.
  2. Your salespeople are probably not getting in front of ENOUGH prospects to meet their goals.
  3. Your sales team’s success is directly related to their access to MORE decision maker contacts within your target market!

Let’s begin with this simple question: How many Corporate Training & HR decision maker contacts do you have in your database?

Now, how many SHOULD you have? I.e. How many “targeted eyeballs” must you reach with your message this year to achieve your sales goals?

It is clear that you must get your message in front of plenty of prospects just to achieve the same results you’ve always had. This means that to GROW sales, you’ll need even more prospects than ever before!


Let’s take a simple example – assume:

  • It will take 100 sales to achieve your 2019 goal (A)
  • You need to reach 25 (targeted) people to get one qualified prospect (B)
  • You need 10 prospects to make one sale (C)
  • This means you’ll need to reach 25,000 people to make 100 sales! (A x B x C)

That’s a lot of people!

You will need a plan to get in front of that many “eyeballs.” And, while you may think you are “hitting enough eyeballs” by sending out a mass email to your in-house database OR an inexpensive list, what if the list data you are using has a 50% error rate?

Consider this example: An e-learning customer used the Mentor Tech Group database in conjunction with their own in-house list to deliver a marketing email to a total of 5266 contacts. The source of these contacts broke down as follows:

  • 566 contacts came from Mentor Tech Group’s market intelligence database
  • 4700 contacts came from their in-house database

Within 48 hours, they had received the following results:

  • 99 “opens” on Mentor Tech Group’s 566 contacts
  • Only 31 “opens” on their 4700 contacts

Why?  Well, it is likely that their in-house database was filled with outdated information for people who are not even real DECISION MAKERS.

While we certainly can’t promise results like this example, it clearly demonstrates the difference:

  • That’s more than a 17 percent response rate using the MTG data, versus only .5 percent response using the client’s in-house data.

In every case we’ve seen, without exception, a company’s in-house database is not nearly as good as they think it is – and it is usually in dire need of being scrubbed, scrapped or replaced!

But, if you’re marketing and selling to the world of Corporate Training and HR, we have a solution that can resolve these issues.

We call it The Total Solution.

Some companies want access to Mentor Tech Group’s database of the top 40,000+ Corporate Training, e-Learning, and HR decision makers in North America. Using the Full Access Solution gives them the ability to:

  • Gain access to the entire MTG corporate training and HR database for one year
  • Enjoy UNLIMITED usage with a renewable one year license
  • Get FREE updates every 4 months during the year

This database also creates flexibility, empowering you to:

  • Get the entire database of contacts now, and have the flexibility to create smaller, more specialized lists based on your current needs throughout the year:
    • By industry, sales, # employees, metro area, state, or
    • By specific types of training, like IT/technical training, e-learning, sales training, safety/compliance training, customer service training, external training, corporate university, or
    • By more standard titles, like VP Corporate Training, VP/Director of HR, VP/Director Talent Management, VP/Director Recruiting, CIO, VP/Director Sales & Marketing and VP/Director Corporate Communications

AND…you automatically get a complete update of your market intelligence list every four months going forward.

Full Access gives you the power to sub out the substantial effort you would normally have to make (every time) to create a clean, targeted list to conduct your marketing campaigns. Once you have a clean database of decision maker contacts, be certain to USE the list in email marketing campaigns, phone-based outreach, and even direct mail. Ongoing, multi-pronged outreach to this high-quality database will yield the best results, as proven by our Client Case Studies

And keep in mind, Mentor Tech Group offers drilled-down Market Intelligence, not just “data”.  Our lists contain email addresses, direct dial numbers, and key sales notes and market intelligence, allowing you to reach decision makers faster.  But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.

Save time and money by using MTG’s lists:

  • The best and most qualified marketing Market Intelligence in the industry
  • A direct link to the decision makers you seek!
  • Precisely targeted and highly accurate information, ready for you to email and call!

MTG’s Full Access database is the only Corporate Training and HR “list” you will ever have to invest in – and you will never again squander your time, resources and money on old, outdated information.

To start saving money today, please contact us at (651) 457-860o, Ext. 1. Ask for information about “Full Access.” And, learn why many of our clients have renewed their Full Access subscriptions with us year-after-year!!

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