The Secret to Successfully Marketing to Corporate Training & HR by Pat Ryan & Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Mar 4, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Principles of Success, Training and HR

Celebrating Mentor Tech Group’s 20th Year Anniversary: 1999 ~ 2019

While there are many ways companies attempt to market and sell to Corporate Training and HR decision makers, not all are successful.

For example, many companies attend industry trade shows, only to get lost in the chaotic shuffle of dozens of vendors on the show floor. So, what is the one secret you can leverage to successfully market to Corporate Training and HR?

Stop guessing!

We have taken all of the guesswork out of this for you. You see, we’ve specialized in this industry for 20 years now – and we know what works. Working with Mentor Tech Group provides you access to all of that experience and knowledge. Not to mention, our highly accurate, unparalleled market intelligence database of Corporate Training and HR decision makers.

The MOST IMPORTANT secret to success when marketing and selling to Corporate Training and HR is to start with a high-quality, accurate database of the exact decision makers you SEEK! While that may sound simple by using Mentor Tech Group’s services, there was a time when it was not so easy.

In March of 1999, Pat Ryan’s team was looking for a high quality list resource of decision-maker contacts in the Corporate Training and HR world. Believe it or not, none could be found! They searched high and low to no avail.

And, that is precisely when it occurred to Pat to create Mentor Tech Group to fill this market need. He knew that if his team was having trouble finding Training and HR decision maker contact information, others were likely having the same problem. And…Pat was RIGHT!

Now celebrating their 20th anniversary, Pat and his Mentor Tech Group team have empowered the sales and marketing efforts of hundreds of companies worldwide with best-in-class Market Intelligence and prospecting methodologies.

“I’ve been tracking the leads and pipeline from the MTG database service (self-high-five). To-date we’ve generated 24 leads via marketing efforts to this list – $92K in the pipeline, and we’ve already closed $33,500….We’ve generated a 108.64% ROI and a 92.83% Annualized ROI.”

Marilyn Cox
Vice President of Marketing & CRM
The Second City

To this day, Mentor Tech Group remains the FIRST and the ONLY company specialized in hand-building a database of corporate training and HR decision makers.

This is exactly why some of our customers are going on their 18th year working with Mentor Tech Group. They rely on MTG for constantly updated lists of training and HR decision makers. Year after year, they keep coming back because this is the secret to marketing to this sector that WORKS!

Having access to the decision makers you need to market and sell to is the #1 secret to success in this sector. And, here’s another tip – the #2 secret to success is to MARKET TO AND USE this list!!

So, what makes the Mentor Tech Group database so unique?

Mentor Tech Group is THE Original Marketing Resource to

Reach Training & HR Decision Makers

Offering Premium Training & HR Decision Maker Info Since 1999

Our database records include multiple data points, from phone, address and email information, to market intelligence including Fortune rank, number of employees, industry and more. We also provide a “Comments” field, containing sales notes to assist in your sales process, including information such as:

  • WHO is the contact’s assistant, and related contact info
  • HOW do you pronounce their name, what specific responsibilities they have, or has the company been acquired recently, etc.
  • WHY has this person been selected as meriting membership in our database? (Although their title may not indicate they are an important contact, they may actually have important responsibilities in the decision-making process, categorized by our proprietary Job Codes.)
  • WHERE else to contact them – sometimes we have cell phone numbers, sometimes additional address information.

Our information is hand-built via telephone conversation with each contact in our database, ensuring they are someone you’d like to speak with. These are people responsible for:

  1. Spearheading projects, or
  2. Creating new initiatives, or
  3. Controlling the budget, or
  4. Making final decisions

In addition, we are STILL the only company offering a proprietary Job Code assignment to each contact in our database. Every Job Code is a clearly defined role and responsibility. So, instead of segmenting the database by a nebulous job title, these Job Codes allow us to identify the exact targets you want, as determined by their area(s) of influence. What are they truly responsible for? What kind of decisions to they have influence or direct impact on?

Sample Job Codes include:

T – General Training

(Chief Learning Officer, VP Training, Director of Training & Development, Director of Organization Development, VP Education, etc., etc.  There are many different titles within this group.)

About 40% of the total Mentor Tech Group database (over 40,000+ contacts today and growing) is made up of what we call “general” training contacts.

EL – E-learning

J – Safety Training or Compliance

ST – Sales Training

TM – Talent Management VP’s/Directors

R – Recruiting

M – Marketing VP’s/Directors

S – Sales VP’s/Directors

SR – Social Responsibility/Sustainability

IT – General IT (not necessarily involved in training: i.e., CIO, Director of IT, etc.)

H – General HR (not necessarily involved in training: i.e., VP HR, Director HR, etc.)

U – Corporate University

CR – Customer Service Training

EX – External Training (Many different titles: Client Services Training/Product Training/Product Management/Professional Services/Channel Training/Agent Training/Dealer Training/Educational Services/E-Business/E-Commerce contacts)

C – Corporate Communications (not necessarily involved in training: i.e., VP/Director Corp Communications, etc.)

If you are a current client, we thank you for your continued support!

If you have never used a Mentor Tech Group market intelligence database in your sales or marketing efforts, it’s time you took this step. Join the ranks of other brand name L&D companies using the Mentor Tech Group database, like Franklin Covey, MASIE, Dartmouth, Dupont, Dale Carnegie, Blackboard, Harvard and more.

Contact us today for a database walk-through to see the kind of data you’re missing. The Mentor Tech Group database accuracy can not be rivaled. Isn’t it time you learned more?  

Call (651) 457-8600, Ext. 1 TODAY.

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