The One Thing You KNOW You Need to Do…But Still Haven’t Done by Pat Ryan

Posted on Mar 20, 2019 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

After more than 20 years working with companies marketing to the e-learning, corporate training, and HR industries, we have developed a wealth of knowledge about marketing and selling to these markets.

Specializing in this narrow niche has given us the rare opportunity to see into the many challenges experienced by a wide variety of companies marketing to this industry.

  • Some problems end up being unique to one company and do not plague other companies.
  • Then there are those challenges shared by many different companies, large and small – and we see them over and over again.

ALL companies have challenges – and ALL companies (should) have people assigned to address these challenges. But, sometimes, not everything gets done. We all have a “to-do” list with, say, ten items on it – but, we have time to do only eight of the ten. So, there are always one or two things that get carried over to the next list, and so on.

We have noticed ONE THING that never gets done on the to-do list of most corporate training or HR vendors. This “one thing” always seems to be the first thing to be put off until later, so it is the one task that is never completed. It’s probably a thorn in YOUR side, too, hurting you every day, causing you to:

  • Overspend unnecessarily
  • Squander valuable time
  • Lengthen your sales cycle
  • Slash your results
  • Reduce the # prospects
  • Shrink sales dollars

Since it’s not killing you today, it continues to be put off. However, over time this one thing erodes profits and could eventually devastate your business.

In addition, the solution has likely not presented itself to you…until now.

The one thing you need to do – finally – is to eliminate the use of all the out-of-date or irrelevant information from your in-house database. (You know, the one you use for cold calling, email campaigns, and/or direct mail campaigns?) Your database is loaded with bad information – JUNK – and you know it. Sure, there are lots of good contacts in it, but those are right alongside invalid or irrelevant contacts. How do you know which is which? You don’t – so you continue wasting money by marketing and selling to the whole database.

The problem is one of responsibility. The database manager’s job is to maintain the technology side of your database. The salespeople do the best they can to “scrub” the list with the limited time they have – but their focus is on SELLING, not “pruning.”

And, THAT is the issue: You have no “Director of Pruning.”

But, if you don’t “prune” your list, you squander MAJOR marketing dollars:

  • Your salespeople waste valuable cold-calling time
  • Email campaigns are being sent to the wrong people
  • A large % of your direct mail pieces go nowhere

Also, consider that scrubbing is not something that needs to be done only ONCE… Scrubbing needs to be done constantly.

Why? Because change happens constantly. There is always a significant amount of turnover in corporate America – and keeping up with this constant change is critical.

What if you could outsource the creation and maintenance of a first-rate database of decision-makers within your target market? A “total solution” would cut the fat, and ensure that you were always directing your efforts at the most appropriate contacts. The cost savings from eliminating bad contacts alone would reap huge dividends.

Hiring a firm that knows your business is critical in this effort. Mentor Tech Group IS that firm

Mentor Tech Group’s Full Access Solution.

Founded in 1999 and now celebrating our 20th year in business, Mentor Tech Group has always specialized in one area: providing accurate market intelligence for those marketing and selling to Corporate Training & HR.

Mentor Tech Group is a highly specialized company that hand-builds and maintains a marketing intelligence database of  40,000+ decision maker contacts in e-Learning/Corporate Training/HR/Talent Management.

  • FOUR Month Updates: Our team of specialists maintain this information (email, phone, address, notes) by calling and re-verifying/re-validating information for all contacts every four months.
  • HAND-BUILT: That’s right – we hand build our database, calling each and every contact in our database.
  • Sorted by Job Function – i.e. sorted by the person’s actual area of responsibility – not by nebulous job titles…

We are experts at performing this service for companies marketing and selling to the e-learning, corporate training, and HR world.

This data alone will instantly boost how many quality prospects you find. (See the kind of results MTG clients achieve with the use of MTG’s data.)

In every case we’ve seen, without exception, a company’s in-house database is not nearly as good as they think it is – and it is usually in dire need of being scrubbed, scrapped or replaced!

How Full Access works:
Some companies want to access our entire database of training and HR decision makers in North America. Often, companies run multiple marketing campaigns throughout the year, and using our Full Access Solution gives them a cost-effective way to:

  • Gain access to the entire MTG corporate training and HR database for one year
  • Enjoy UNLIMITED usage with a renewable one year license
  • Get FREE updates every 4 months during the year (*with minimum purchase of 1000 contacts)

This creates flexibility, empowering you to:

  • Get the entire database of contacts now, and have the flexibility to create smaller, more specialized lists based on your current needs throughout the year:
    • By industry, sales, # employees, metro area, state, or
    • By specific types of training, like IT/technical training, e-learning, sales training, safety/compliance training, customer service training, external training, corporate university, or
    • By more standard titles, like VP Corporate Training, VP/Director of HR, VP/Director Talent Management, VP/Director Recruiting, CIO, VP/Director Sales & Marketing and VP/Director Corporate Communications

AND…by purchasing the Full Access database, you automatically get a complete update of your market intelligence data every four months going forward.

And keep in mind, Mentor Tech Group offers drilled-down Market Intelligence, not just “data.”  Our information contains email addresses, direct dial numbers, and key sales notes, allowing you to reach decision makers faster.  But don’t take our word for it; see what our customers are saying.

Save time and money by using MTG’s Market Intelligence data:

  • The best and most qualified Market Intelligence in the industry
  • A direct link to the decision makers you seek!
  • Precisely targeted and highly accurate information, ready for you to email and call today!

Ready to get serious about improving your sales & marketing results? If so, we are ready to help… Please contact us at (651) 457-8600, Ext 1. It’s TIME!


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