The High Cost of Inexpensive Lists (5 Questions) Part 2 by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Apr 27, 2017 in Blog, Meeting/Event Planning, Training and HR

In our last article, we discussed the common ways people look for leads when marketing and selling to Corporate Training and HR. From attending trade shows of performing LinkedIn searches to purchasing marketing lists from time-to-time, there are a number of ways to source leads.

Achieve Better Data Quality with MTG’s Market Intelligence Database

However, NOT all leads are created equal.

If you purchase an INEXPENSIVE list of contacts, you may actually be using THE most expensive way to source Corporate Training and HR decision-maker contacts!

FACT: A list is usually LOW COST because it is LOW QUALITY.  

Spending money on a low-cost list will COST YOU much more MONEY than the list itself, which can be detrimental to your business. By simply choosing to invest in a high-quality list of the decision-maker contacts you seek, you can eliminate much of this waste!

So, WHAT IF your sales reps could spend every hour calling on an accurate database of decision-maker contacts?

  • What kind of time and money could your organization save if your sales reps had accurate decision-maker contact information?
  • How much MORE revenue could your sales team close in a month?  In a year?

Before you purchase another “inexpensive” list, consider the high COSTS of doing so, and be certain to ask the following five questions.


1.)    How is the data compiled, and WHO is compiling it?

Is the data simply being aggregated from other lists? If so, it will likely contain a high percentage of old, outdated information. Is there a team of people making phone calls to gather the information? If so, what is the training or background of those compiling the data? Do they have a background or specialty in Corporate Training and/or HR? Can they dig in when on the phone with a contact to gather important information that will be helpful to your sales and marketing process?

For comparison, MTG is NOT a list broker or a list aggregator.  We are a database owner.  We created our database in-house via personal conversations with each contact in our database.  We do not compile our information from other lists.

MTG’s Market Intelligence is hand built by industry specialists who have personal conversations with every contact to determine IF they merit membership in our database. This is highly unique.

2.)    How often is the data updated?

Most typical “list” companies aggregate data from other list sources, and therefore the information is already out of date. IF the company does make outbound phone calls to compile the data, how often do they cycling through to update each record again?

With the purchase of MTG data, you will receive FREE* list updates every FOUR months.  The MTG database is current, accurate and qualified. (Our data shows a 33% rate of change in the MTG database every four months. That’s a lot of change to keep up with!)

3.)    Does the information provide the contact’s specific job function (OR just their job title)?

List companies generally identify and segment their data by job titles. We all know that job titles are often nebulous and not descriptive of the contact’s actual area of responsibility. Wouldn’t it be more helpful to know that a contact has specific areas of oversight, such as Sales Training, Recruiting, IT, or Organizational Development?

MTG is the ONLY Corporate Training & HR data source that segments its data by proprietary “Job Codes” which specify the contact’s area of responsibility. Using this information, we are able to segment the MTG database to identify the exact decision-makers you seek!

4.)    Is each person in the database involved in influencing or making decisions?

This can only be discovered via a personal conversation with each contact in the database. So, if a list company is simply aggregating data from other lists, you will never know a contact’s true decision-making authority.

However, MTG is different. Because we have a personal conversation with each contact in our database, we can determine the person’s exact decision-making capacity.

We use five criteria used to determine IF a contact “merits membership” in the MTG databaseThe contacts in our database are leaders – contacts responsible for:

  • Making the decisions, or
  • Controlling the budget, or
  • Spearheading projects, or
  • Creating new initiatives, or
  • In a position of major influence (may not have the most impressive title – BUT – the decision was made to put them on the list because this person is on a committee which puts them in a position of major influence)

5.)    What are the restrictions for use? (One-time use, no emailing, etc.)

Many companies will limit the use of their lists. Mentor Tech Group is different. We provide unlimited use of our data for calling, emailing, or direct mail campaign for one full year.

In summary, the truth is, there are very few commercially available marketing data sources that provide the kind of drilled down, accurate decision-maker information you need. However…Mentor Tech Group is the ONE company that specializes in developing an accurate database of key decision maker contacts in Corporate Training and HR.

Imagine working with the Mentor Tech Group Market Intelligence database:

  • NO more wrong turns and dead ends calling on poor quality lists!
  • NO more wasted time, money and effort!
  • Increased sales pipeline activity and shortened sales cycles
  • Improved marketing ROI
  • Increased sales revenues

Don’t waste another day using poor quality data.  If you want to decrease waste in your sales process and boost sales, call Mentor Tech Group and ask us the 5 Key Questions included in this article. Our answers may surprise you!

Save time and money using MTG’s market intelligence:

  • The best and most qualified marketing Market Intelligence in the industry
  • A direct link to the confirmed decision-makers you seek!
  • Precisely targeted and highly accurate information, ready for you to email and call!

We’re happy to help connect you with the decision-makers you seek, whenever you’re ready.

Contact us to learn more: 651-457-8600, Ext. 3!


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