5 Tips to Rev Up Results when Marketing to Corporate Training & HR! by Jae-ann Rock

Posted on Aug 20, 2013 in Archive

August is nearly over and we all know that September means “back to school” and “back to business”!  The push is on. 

So, how do you make the most of the next several months to develop and close business before the end of the year?  We have some tricks to help you achieve the results you need when marketing to Corporate Training & HR

Prepare to rev up your sales and marketing results!

1.)    Reward the Sales Behavior you Want: 

It may be time to develop sales kickers to ramp up end of year sales activity.  Just be certain you are rewarding the right behavior, aligned with your corporate mission and goals.  Identify specific goals/targets and incent people to achieve them accordingly.  Develop incentives around specific metrics you’d like to boost such as:

  • Number of calls per day
  • Number of new prospect calls scheduled
  • Number of sales quotes per month
  • Call-to-meeting conversion rate
  • Meeting-to-quote conversion rate
  • Quote-to-sale conversion rate
  • And of course, the Holy Grail: any metric related to closed deals!  (Reward by # deals; total revenue; % margins; etc.)

2.)    Increase Referrals:  

Maximize word-of-mouth marketing to increase sales.  Satisfied clients may refer you to other qualified prospects in Corporate Marketing & HR, creating a “warm lead” pipeline.  But don’t just wait for referrals to happen. Use these tips to increase referrals:

  • Add “Referrals Appreciated” to your print or email newsletter. 
  • Include “Referrals Appreciated” in your email signature
  • Create a link to a website form for referral submissions and/or testimonials (Note: some people may not be able to provide a referral, but may be willing to provide a testimonial for marketing use, which can hold great value for your corporate marketing initiatives.)
  •  Create a referral program, in which you reward visitors or customers brought to you via other companies’ marketing efforts.

3.)    Invest in a High-Quality Prospect List: 

Please don’t waste any more time!  If you want to be successful in marketing your products and services to Corporate Training & HR, you should be using MTG’s marketing lists.  It’s that simple. Here’s why:

  • Hand-Built information: MTG’s database of decision-makers is HAND-BUILT as a result of a personal phone conversation with each contact.  (You just won’t get this anywhere else!)
  • Free 4-Month Updates*: Every contact in the MTG market intelligence database is updated every 4 months, to achieve the highest possible rate of accuracy for your benefit!
  • Job function-based: We identify the job function of each person in our database, not just their title, insuring that they meet certain criteria to be included in our lists. At MTG, we call these job functions “Job Codes”.
  • Direct Contact Info: Our database contains direct contact information for decision-makers in your target industry (often with direct-dial phone numbers and email addresses).  Mentor Tech Group’s lists are simply second-to-none!

4.)    Develop a “Content Arsenal”:  

Identify industry topics which are trending upward and of interest to your prospects.  Develop content accordingly.  Be sure you have plenty of content developed in a variety of formats including: blog articles, white papers, case studies, webinars, eBooks, etc.

5.)    Use, use, use your List and Promote your Content!  

You must actively USE your list!  It may seem obvious, but we should still mention this fact: You can’t buy a high quality list, import it into your CRM and then expect prospects to come to you…  Seriously.  It doesn’t work that way.  You must PLAN to ACTIVELY market to your list.  Use your content developed in #4 above for this purpose.  Delivering content of value to prospects on a regular basis builds trust and keeps you at the forefront of their minds, so that when they’re ready to buy, they will think of YOU! 

Actively promote content via various marketing channels: your corporate blog, enewsletter, and social media channels.  Create a website landing page where you will direct prospects to sign up for your webinar or to receive a white paper.  The result?  a.) A pipeline of interested “hand raisers” who have requested more information, and b.) The opportunity to achieve great ROI on your list purchase!  What could be better?  (Tip: Be sure to follow up on these leads with a phone call within 48 hours to achieve the best results.  Time is of the essence!) 

Okay, now it’s time to get back to business and make the most of these next four months! 

In the meantime, if you are looking for a high-quality prospect list of decision-makers in Corporate Training and HR, please call Mentor Tech Group today.  If you have never used a Mentor Tech Group list, you will be amazed at the quality and accuracy of our database.  We guarantee it.

Remember, MTG’s database consists of decision-maker “market intelligence” information, which is much different from what a list broker will offer you.  Our contact database is unlike any other list you may have purchased in the past.  Just watch our video customer testimonials, then give us a call at (651) 457-8600!   We’re here to help you achieve the success you want, with the list of Corporate Training & HR decision-makers you NEED

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  Wishing you much success…until next time. 

*Free 4-month updates included with minimum list purchase.

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