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The Number One Productivity Killer in Prospecting By Pat Ryan

Posted on Sep 25, 2012 in Archive

Your annual sales and marketing plan is your road map for the year. A critical factor in determining whether your plan will be successful – and whether you will achieve your annual goals – will be how productive you and your team are at PROSPECTING. When it comes to prospecting within corporate training, e-learning and talent management, we have seen companies make many mistakes and missteps. But, there is one common mistake topping the list of productivity killers that: Wastes 75% of prospecting time, and Deflates Return-On-Investment of prospecting dollars It has been said,...

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How to Find Training & HR Decision Makers – Part II By Pat Ryan

Posted on Sep 13, 2012 in Archive

Recapping Part I of this article featured in our last newsletter:  Most lists do not include the training or HR decision maker You can begin the “digging” process with the VP/Director of HR You must decide whether to look at the corporate or the divisional level There is no universal title to search for, but three most common are: Director of Training and Development Director of Organizational Development and Director of E-learning Moving forward, there are many other possible titles that may be used instead of the above, particularly when looking for decision makers within...

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